Old Saw – “Weathervaning”


As Vermont’s Old Saw follow on the summer swelter of their 2021 album, Country Tropics, the band turns to a colder, more barren vantage point. Still steeped in a drone-doused fog of country, the album strips away the inviting auras of their previous work for an album that’s lets a little blood drop off the teeth of their monicker. The first taste of the album, opener “Weathervaning,” wanders into the cold on banjo plucks and rusted fiddle lines. The cut is ominous, feeling every inch like the last moments before tragedy, torment, or sorrow strike the listener. The dream that the band offered up on their last was tempting, but it seems that the stark reality has come to collect on the follow-up. Sewn The Name is out March 31st on Lobby Art.

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