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Mixtape: Shame About The Rain

Heading into the third installment of the RSTB Mixtape series here and this one speaks to a crucial influence on the site. There’s been no shortage of jangle pop in the last couple of years, particularly because a current crop of Aussie and US bands seem enamored with the sounds of Creation, Sarah, September and Flying Nun. This mix is a tribute to the sound of English rain. It’s full of faraway looks, pining hearts and more than a few hooks. By no means a definitive overview but I have to say, not a shabby collection of janglers here. Check out the stream and tracklist below.

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Mixtape: Pretty Please Me

The second installment in RSTB’s mixtape series is here and this time, rather than go for a straight genre dig I’ve taken some inspiration from classic ’80s soundtracks like Valley Girl, Rock n Roll High School, Up The Academy or Pretty In Pink. The mix imagines the same kind of coming of age nerviness that fueled the best music directors at the time, finding a balance between power pop, punk, new wave and glam that doesn’t put any hard divisions between the camps. It’s just a bit of fun and a good excuse to have Sparks and The Flesh Eaters share space. Tracklist, stream and download after the jump.

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Mixtape: Hurry Sundown

I’m introducing another new feature today on the site, a series of archival mixtapes. I’ve always been a fan of the mixtape idea, as perhaps any child of the ’80s and ’90s might be, but rather than simply a playlist or rundown of current favorites I’ve decided to dig up some themes from the past. In Autumn, when the temperatures seem to be dipping and the weather’s a mix grey skies and copper sun streaks, I often go to the well of ’60s psych, though its not the fuzz guitars and bright pop I’m usually looking for. There are some songs from the psychedelic wave that touched a more bittersweet note, reveling in a sad, quietude that matches the changing seasons. The first mix is called Hurry Sundown (after the Bubble Puppy song, though Hawkwind’s “Hurry On Sundown” also captures the mood). Hopefully this hits you right and lets you in on a few excellent soft psych classics. Tracklist, stream and download after the jump.

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