Martin Frawley – “You Want Me?”


I was out on vacation last week so the site was runnin’ pretty bare bones. Sadly, that means a few good things got lost in the cracks, but there’s always time to go back for the ones that got away. Case in point, this first single from Twerps’ Martin Frawley. Unfortunately, the advent of Martin’s solo career comes with the news that The Twerps have disbanded as the relationship split between Frawley and the band’s Julia MacFarlane’s marked the dissolving point for the Aussie janglers. Frawley’s first taste of an upcoming album shows a marked shift from the band’s humble pop sound and its not quite what I’d have expected as an offshoot of the band.

Frawley adopts a walking country cadence but stitches it to a wide-open vista of clean piano, loping strums and burbling synths. The song has the feeling of a late night session with no ticking clock, chasing bliss, loss and the bittersweet betweens while channeling Dylan devising a “Pancho and Lefty” for 30 year-olds hitting the reset button.

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