Black Rainbows


I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for Stoner Metal when done right. Too much sludge and it gets bogged down, too many blistering riffs and it hews too close to 80’s cheese, but when its that right mix of pounding drums and smoke thick guitar, fuzzed to hell and riding tempos like sand dunes into oblivion, then its perfect for blasting through the speakers on any given afternoon. Italy’s Black Rainbows are five albums deep at this point and offshoot band Killer Boogie throws down some serious riffs as well, so its clear that by now propulsive force Gabriele Fiori knows his way around the dank corners of 70’s metal worship. On his latest, Stellar Prophecy, there’s plenty of mile high guitars, stacked and smoking with the mix of Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer stomp that’s expected, but he’s gone the mile roping in the mystical qualities and prog instincts that charmed bands like Wolfmother into the hearts and minds of public consciousness back in the early aughts. For sheer the volume blasted swirling psychedelic bedroom warriors out there this is a perfect fit. This one’s for the blacklight poster set, hiding out and letting volume eradicate any of the day’s wrinkles and worries.

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