Mixtape: This Is Aus


Ok please allow one more year-end indulgence here in the form of a recap mixtape. It should no longer be a surprise that I have a sweet spot for Aussie indie, and as the genre has made up so much of the site’s direction in the last year, I’ve decided to round up some of my favorites into a massive mixtape that should keep you busy for a few hours and serve as a primer to those looking to break the seal on their Aussie pop habit. Plenty of usual suspects arise in the label department here with representation from RSTB favorites Bedroom Suck, Anti-Fade, Lost and Lonesome, Poison City, Hobbies Galore, Milk! Records, Flightless, and Tenth Court alongside internationally friendly harbors like Trouble in Mind, Upset The Rhythm, Share It, Kanine, and Emotional Response. There were plenty of offerings to love this year from the South Hemi, so get cracking on that listen. Click below for tracklist and stream.

1. The Goon Sax – We Can’t Win
2. Crepes – Dark Demons
3. School Damage – Psychick Damage
4. Terry – The Whip
5. Monnone Alone – Cut Knuckle
6. Parsnip – Winter
7. Palm Springs – Hollywood Failure
8. The Ocean Party – What It’s Worth
9. Possum Moods – Northern Times
10. Cool Sounds – The Beat
11. Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets – Mimosas
12. CIVIC – Pleasure
13. BB and the Blips – Shame Job
14. ORB – General Electric
15. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Social Candy
16. HoT To RoT – Kindred
17. Constant Mongrel – Action
18. Moody Beaches – Guns
19. Primo – Ticking Off A List
20. The Shifters – Straight Lines
21. Alien Nosejob – Time Waster
22. Traffik Island – Sky High
23. Ned Collette – Thanks Richard
24. Good Morning – For A Little While
25. Alex MacFarlane – Starter People
26. The Stroppies – No Joke
27. The Babe Rainbow – Eureka
28. Loose Tooth – You Say
29. Mod Con – Kidney Auction Blues
30. Bloods – Feelings
31. Hockey Dad – I Wanna Be Everybody
32. Cable Ties – Tell Them Where To Go
33. Amyl and the Sniffers – I’m Not A Loser
34. Vintage Crop – Gerald Pt. 2
35. Tim & The Boys – Gary Glitter’s Eyes
36. Native Cats – Nixon Nevada
37. Montero – Vibrations

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