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Mixtape: This Is Aus

Ok please allow one more year-end indulgence here in the form of a recap mixtape. It should no longer be a surprise that I have a sweet spot for Aussie indie, and as the genre has made up so much of the site’s direction in the last year, I’ve decided to round up some of my favorites into a massive mixtape that should keep you busy for a few hours and serve as a primer to those looking to break the seal on their Aussie pop habit. Plenty of usual suspects arise in the label department here with representation from RSTB favorites Bedroom Suck, Anti-Fade, Lost and Lonesome, Poison City, Hobbies Galore, Milk! Records, Flightless, and Tenth Court alongside internationally friendly harbors like Trouble in Mind, Upset The Rhythm, Share It, Kanine, and Emotional Response. There were plenty of offerings to love this year from the South Hemi, so get cracking on that listen. Click below for tracklist and stream.

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Amyl and the Sniffers – “Cup of Destiny”

Flightless Records picks up Melbourne punks Amyl and the Sniffers, whose last record on Homeless saw them boiling down The Adverts’ snottiness with breathless guitar beatings worthy of The Dead Boys or The Germs. The new single, “Cup of Destiny” garners a video that’s a straight ‘70s rumble, echoing these sneer-lipped influences and ushering in their own dirt-punk credentials. It’s clear from any time spent with Amyl on the speakers that vocalist Amy Taylor is a natural born belter, amping up the fever pitch with her sore-throat howl. The band’s done time opening for some heavy hitters here and at home, so it seems that the upcoming LP might be one to watch out for.

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