George Is Lord


Despite the world collectively falling for Ringo as the hero and charmer behind the scenes this year in the Let It Be doc, George Harrison has long been the underdog of the band we all love to root for. An unwavering notion that Harrison was holding onto some of the best songs of the era, despite often being overshadowed by his bandmates has long been a secret handshake among music fans. That comes to fruition as George Is Lord, a celebration of his works — both solo and from the Beatles era. Anna Pomerantz used Harrison’s songs as a guide to learn the drums, and in the process rekindled a love that would lead to her enlisting friends and fellow Harrison cultural stewards Lindsay Glover (Future Pigeon), Cody Porter (Pearl Harbor, Puro Instinct) and Sam Blasucci (Mapache).

Harrison’s vulnerability and warmth come beaming through his works, qualities that are amplified through the gentle purr of Anna Pomeratz’s vocals on the record. The band embraces George’s ‘60s grace and ‘70s pastoral elegance on a collection that would also serve as a nice ‘best of’ collection, while also landing on a few songs that dive deeper than the casual George acquaintance might dive. The band brings in Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500) and fellow L.A. psych purveyor Seamus Turner (Pacific Range) for a couple of cameos, wrap the whole thing up with velvety production from Jason Quever (Papercuts), and even snags an endorsement from Olivia Harrison herself. There are few better ways to spend the morning than reclining into the band’s loving tribute My Sweet George. You can stream the album in full ahead of its release this Friday below.

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