Gemini Sisters


Bound by the inspiration of daughters born on the same day in the house of Gemini, John Kolodij (High Aura’d) and Matt Christensen (Zelienople, Mind Over Mirrors) team up for an exploration of the intertwined ethos of the twin Zodiacs. Gemini Sisters finds both musicians diving down a sound cavern that’s cool and damp. Moss notes curl at the edges of their compositions. There’s a distinct chill in the air and a whistle at the cave opening where these songs tread. Christensen’s vocals are sparse, but effective when they rise up from the craggy noise floor, pushing down the layers of tape hiss and the rumble of amplifiers lit up with a Sulphurous growl. There’s something spiritual here, not religion but rite instead, a collection of moonsongs meant to align one’s soul in some manner that’s beyond us – like crop circles or runes without a key to guide their true meaning.

The burnt-core musings and psychic projections here make this an almost unconsciously perfect companion piece to Wet Tuna’s long player from earlier in the month, and perhaps a more humid sibling to Prana Crafter’s excellent tape for Beyond Beyond is Beyond. All three are widening the fold of drone-throttled psychedelia via a shower of vibrations that seek to shift the body from its moorings. While Prana Crafter is taking up the folk segment of this aural bombardment and the boys in Tuna are wranglin’ the choogle down to psychedelic grooves, Gemini Sisters seem to find themselves tethered to the frozen space blues blazed by Loren Connors before them. They’re splitting the middle of the trifecta of albums, while simultaneously connecting the dots. I’d highly recommend chaining these three releases up for your listening pleasure.

Associations aside, though, this collaboration is a highlight for both artists involved and no mere diversion or side project to be shuttled to the side of the tape-only bin of small runs. Repeated listens only proves the eponymous cassette to be a high order dealer of hazy harmonies and twilight float. Consider yourself warned.

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