Vexx – “Do What You Want To”


Olympia’s Vexx take on punk like it was just beginning to sprout legs. They’re cued into the kind of frantic tear that drove Television or The Voidoids, sure, but they seem to have locked into a slightly later vision that might encompass French upstarts The Dogs, UK nuggets The Only Ones or Canada’s undersung Teenage Head. Both M’ladys and Upset The Rhythm kicked out a previous release from the band, so this one comes to no shortage of baited breath, and with good reason. Solos flare, the vocals sneer and the band plays like they want listeners to buck some system, somewhere. Sure punk is dead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all find solace in a good ole fashioned rocker now and again. Vexx are still pursuing that incendiary vision of punk you’ve read about and probably always thought existed as you embarked on your first DIY show. Maybe they prove its still possible to be vital. Maybe we kinda need them to. Mabye the pontificating doesn’t matter as much as the sweat drenched pummel of “Do What You Want To” in the end. Maybe we all need to just shut up and dance sometimes.

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