Tuluum Shimmering – “Cinnamon Girl”


Honestly I’ve been remiss in giving any space to Tuluum Shimmering over the course of their run of great interpretations. The band drills down on minute aspects of themes in classics then stretches those meditations into 25+ minute flights of fantasy. Having worked out some excellent longform pieces that riff on The Allman Brothers, The Byrds, Pearls Before Swine, Don Cherry, and The Dead, now the band set their sights on Neil and the result is a wondrously shimmering bout of hypnotic guitar, transcendental flute, harmonium, and fluttering percussion. What works best about these interpretations is that familiar with the originals or not, the works become abstracted from their sources and start to work themselves into vibrant pastoral dreamscapes all their own. If you’ve also neglected to take the deep dive on the UK band’s works, now’s as good a time as ever to fold their shimmer around yourself.

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