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Weak Signal – “What’s A Girl To Do”

Weak Signal prove fruitful with another surprise offering for the new year. The band let loose a solid album alongside a split single with Endless Boogie last year and this EP starts the year off with a nice reminder of their heft. The EP boasts a mix of covers and originals, barreling out of the gate with a gritty reimagining of an ‘80s new wave sprinter “What’s A Girl To Do” by Christina. The original is a turquoise and pink splatter of mall pop with an endearing aloofness. Weak Signal give it a dirt bath, supplanting the synths with fuzz dusted guitars, but the song’s thrust remains alongside its indelible hook. The trio revamps this lost nugget for a new age and its hard to argue with the results of a of grunge-pop glow-up. The rest of the EP finds Weak Signal in reflective mode, bittersweet and melancholy as they slide through calmer waters than they churned on Bianca. Add in a cover of Neil’s “Cortez The Killer” and a cameo from Brian Degraw and Look See is a solid Bandcamp grab for the start of ’21.

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RSTB Favorite Reissues of 2020

As always seems to be the case with any year, 2020 was a great year for digging through the past. As much as the site attempts to focus on new music, I’ll always be a sucker for some deep-dive reissues that explore corners of the past I’ve not found myself in previously. Likewise for records that never really got the vinyl shot originally making their way out into the world until it was ready to have them. These are my favorites from the year.

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