Tacoma Park – “Circles As A Path As A Valley”


Got a look at a new video from Tacoma Park today. The duo of John Harrison (Jphonol, the Comas) and Benjamin David Felton (Blood Revenge, Shark Quest) have been winding their way through the psychedelic dawn for some time now, but as they hunkered down for 2020 with a small tour cancelled, the band decided to use the time constructively and began to pass ideas back and forth for a second album. “Circles As A Path As A Valley,” the first single from the upcoming eponymous LP, is as circular and disorienting as its name. The cut starts out with a spare, ambient country ache, but as it unfolds, the track is rooted in a kosmiche pulse, looping around the headspace with a nodding beat. Before long, liquid light guitars and a plume of synths take hold pushing the song into dizzying heights of splendor. The accompanying video matches the song’s slow motion blur. The new album is out April 21st.

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