Spencer Cullum – “Imminent Shadow”


Last year Spencer Cullum released an excellent prog-tipped folk album for YK records. The scant run was gone too soon, but the unsettled calm that Spencer left lingered in the air far after the records left the shelves. Seems I’m not the only one who thought so as Full Time Hobby aims to issue Coin Collection again this fall, giving those who missed out on this gem a second chance. In anticipation, the jazz-laced “Imminent Shadow” gets a new video with animation from Mark Neeley today. Splitting its windswept darkness between the Bryter Later days of Nick Drake, the off-kilter folk of Robert Wyatt, and the further reaching curdle of Tim Buckley, the song is hung heavy with flute and tensile bass. The new issue lands September 24th on Full Time Hobby.

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