Sophia Knapp x Dungen – “Desert Moon”


Longtime RSTB faves Dungen don’t often find themselves in collaborative company. With the exception of their EP with Woods, recorded in the desert light of Marfa, they’ve kept their lushly orchestrated psychedelic world largely to themselves. They’re widening the circle once again, though as they back their friend Sophia Knapp for a double-decked single that pairs Sophia’s original, “Desert Moon,” with a cover of Turid’s 1971 track “Song.” The A-side is a shimmering dip into cool water psychedelics. With Dungen behind her Knapp’s Canyon-cradled country folk is expanded to towering proportions. Gustav Ejstes’ fiddle melts into the setting sun, letting her titular moon rise over painted expanses of unencumbered desert stretch. The band sweep her song into the atmosphere, letting just enough ‘70s Swedish pastoral magic color her West Coast charms.

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