Plates of Cake


Brooklyn’s Plates of Cake bring their era to an end, but not without serving up a few solid doses of power pop and jangled goodness one more time. The band has always flown a bit under the radar, despite finding a sweet spot between ‘70s Memphis power pop and the ‘90s strums that would see Velvet Crush, Sloan, and Pavement working their way into the public’s hearts. These influences come to a head on Got a Feeling That I Live Here, quite possibly POC’s best to date. The record sands the giddiness off of power pop and lacquers it with a bit of an Americana aura. Again, the band digs deep into the Memphis connection here, feeling like Radio City, Say What You Mean, and Sincerely were on the speakers for quite some time during the writing of the album.

The band adds a sense of immediacy to the album, owing in no small part to the band’s thirteen years together and capable live dynamic. The album was recorded live to tape in one day with Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor), translating their stage acumen to tape quite nicely. The band had begun to envelop a touch of Cosmic American crossover into their works in the past few years and where the songs begin to churn, there’s a feeling that they could have turned into ten-minute topplers on stage, digging dirt-specked grooves out of the bones of their indie ache. Seems that there may have been copies of Garcia Peoples, Arbor Labor Union, and The Heavy Lidders on the turntable as well. It’s sad to lose a band as solid as Plates of Cake, but if they’re gonna go, they at least left us something great to keep the memory fresh.

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