With an album already on the books for 2020, Oslo’s Kanaan prove ever prolific with a second LP close on its heels, dubbed Double Sun. The record pushes back to structured psychedelia swerving slightly away from their last outing of improvisations with label head Jonas Munk in the mix. Like their debut Windbourne this is an exercise in building monolithic structures of heavy psych rooted to the ground by fifteen tons of solid groove. The band doesn’t waste too much time setting things back on the widescreen path, pushing past the opener into the far flung expanses of “Mountain.” The 12+ minute crusher shows the band at their best — rhythm section churning like an angry ocean and guitars diving straight into the glare of the sun. While the riff-ready dynamic remains their bedrock, this time the band lets loose from the earthen confines, exploring cosmic impulses through exploratory keys that scrape the upper atmosphere.

The Odense Sessions pushed the band out of their niche a bit and it’s clear that they felt the impact of their time in the studio with Munk. The songs here, while not nearly as loose as the improvisational LP, still retain a sense of movement — a dreamlike quality that lets the listener float through the cosmic reaches of the album in embryonic bliss. Though while the listener remains nestled in a cocoon that can’t be cracked, outside the core, there’s the chaos of the cosmos, the burn of re-entry, and the mountain of debris they kick up once they return to Earth. Where Scandinavian psych prevails, El Paraiso is there to catch ‘em and as they settle Kanaan into the catalog deeper each year, the band proves exactly how they got there.

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