Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders – “Counting Up and Down”


Always a good day when The Heavy Lidders are on the homepage, and the band sets a little singe on site with their latest single, “Counting Up and Down.” The album opener from the upcoming New Earth Seed burns off a bit of the haze that permeated the lead single, “Star Power.” With a couple of drop-ins from RSTB familiars Chris Forsyth (who also produces the album) and Brent Cordero (Psychic Ills) on keys, the cut snags a bit of “Cortez”-era Neil and stitches it to a space-rock ripple that comes on like Loop and Snapper soaking in the Cosmic American sun. The new album finds the band as heady and heavy as they’ve ever been. New Earth Seed lands September 22nd on Arrowhawk Records.

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