Howlin’ Rain – “Dharma Wheel”


Another huge announcement for the Fall lands this week with a new album on the way from Howlin’ Rain. The band doesn’t waste anytime heralding the new LP, releasing the 16+ minute epic closer from The Dharma Wheel as a first taste. The title track is a soaring amalgamation of what makes Howlin’ Rain a force of nature in and of themselves. Pounding out Traffic-tipped Wynwood piano breakdowns, Stevie Wonder cosmic organ explorations, Crazy Horse heaviness, and Little Feat nimbleness, the band captures in the studio the kind of towering ebullience and grace they’ve long brought to the stage. The song moves through phases — an opener draped in decadence, a deluge of guitars that are stretched to the point of breaking, and, finally, a last act that’s as calming as an afternoon rain. The song heats the speakers close to melting and then douses them in relief. It’s as damn near a definitive statement from Ethan and the Rain as you’re gonna get. The new album is out October 8th from Silver Current Records.

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