Dreamtime LP Reissues


Fans of Aussie psych can rest easier knowing that Dreamtime’s two LPs from 2011 and 2013 have found their way over to domestic shores via Captcha (US) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK). The labels are reissuing the band’s eponymous album and Sun, both of which were pressed in numbers that went quickly in their native Australia. The Brisbane band have made a name for themselves in the interim, opening for Bardo Pond, Moon Duo, Boris, Earth, King Gizzard and Earthless and hopefully this means that there might be some new music on the way shortly.

New music or no, for the stateside uninitiated this is a great chance to get acquainted with the band’s heavy, tribal pscyh. The two records show two sides of the band, their debut is built on a bed of scorched fuzz and amplifier vomit, with the bass throbbing in heatsick wobbles. They incorporate a bit of the high plains dust into their ourvre, but this one puts them squarely into the lexicon of psychedelic scorch. The follow-up is more subtle than its predecessor and more so than some of their chosen touring mates’ might lead you to believe. Sun’s brand of psych is heavy, but not crushing. They utilize mantra-like droning and dextrous guitars that explode when the fuse is lit. As a pair, the albums lift Dreamtime up as an essential South Hemi export.

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