Air-Sea Dolphin / Honey Radar – “Split”


Chunklet has been a favored well for singles the past couple of years and their dedication to pairing with Third Uncle for blink-and-you-miss-em lathe cuts makes it both exciting and elusive to get your hands on them. However, this double shot from solid steamers Honey Radar and new(ish)-comers Air-Sea Dolphin is worth capturing physically, or at the very least, digitally. Honey Radar do what Honey Radar do best, gnarled pop nuggets laced in a post-Pollard hangover of fuzzed glory. The track is on par with the best bits that Jason Henn has kicked out of the cracked speakers lately and if you’re a fan of his habitually dusty screeds then this will appeal no doubt.

The flip, which acts as the debut proper from Air-Sea Dolphin, is headed up by none other than Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo. Now the thing about idiosyncratic voices is that no matter where they roam, all bands tend to sound a bit like a singer’s highest marquee moment. Which, since it’s no Death Metal indulgence, means the glossy power pop that Air-Sea Dolphin explode from the wires has a distinctly Apples slant to it, but who cares when Schneider’s pop acumen is footing the bill? This track is dosed in Velocity Of Sound level buzz-pop energy and it’s completely addictive. This is a joyous summer jam that should be packing playlists for months. Given Chunklet’s connection to the E6 archival efforts, its no huge jump of reason that Schneider would put something out here, but its received with open arms for sure and I hope this winds up with more material to come.

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