Yasmin Williams – “Swift Breeze”


Just catching this single and with it the rest of the upcoming LP from Yasmin Williams and its a lovely way to start off 2021. Williams’ playing, while rooted in a knotted, fingerestyle folk, deviates from many of the trappings of the genre in welcome ways. She balances virtuosity and lyricism in a way that belies her age and years of experience — crafting songs that weave natural passages with rhythms that pull from fingertapping more associated with heavier electric guitar. The guitarist’s songs feel especially vital, and “Swift Breeze” exemplifies the joy and freedom of her playing. The song ripples like a stream with the knock of her feet playing off of instrument taps adding a bit of swing to the piece. The metal-reminiscent breakdown adds a wound bite to the piece, without ever knocking it off of is flow. While she’s certainly on par with any player coming down the Takoma pike, her playing feels like it shakes off the often dogmatic reverence to the old schools in an excellent way. Her album on Spinster arrives January 29th and is highly recommended!

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