Wet Tuna – “When I Get Home”


Keeping the Bandcamp manna rolling this morning with another couple of new tracks from Wet Tuna. Long a favorite around here, Matt and Pat lay down two extended covers that get to the core of what Wet Tuna are all about. “When I Get Home” is a golden, mellowed nug from the pair. It’s built on the kind of natural balance that the band have, but its also one of the most verdant tracks that the pair has laid to tape yet. Usually there’s a humidity to their works, but this one seems like its outside in the elements — a summertime salve that wanders off into the high grass. They do right by Pentangle with the extended version. Michael Hurley’s “Water Train,” by comparison, summons a caustic burn from the outset. Heatsick guitars search for solace, parched and aching until the band douses the song with that familiar stickiness. A humid hideaway of liquid licks and skittering percussion ensues. If you’ve seen Tuna in the wild on stage then there is a familiar feeling emanating off of this one. Its as necessary as any of their records, and its rejuvenating to let this one pour down on the heat of July.

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