Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards


Finding a hole to pin the sound of Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards is almost as difficult as trying to track down information on its creator. The purposely elusive project on Blackest Ever Black came to light with a similarly stunning but hard to categorize EP from 2014. Now with a full album’s length to play with they (he/she/?) take the dub inclinations from the EP and work a smear all over the map of experimental electronic, dub housed soul, Tropicalia, synth, and noise. Each song shifts gears entirely from the one before, held together most tellingly by an atmosphere of bass, echo, and foreboding yet billowy synth. The tone is overtly political; couched within those dub valleys and darkened corners are references to women fighting oppression through history, The Spanish Civil War, the UK miners’ strike and the final track plays out with a portion of the Socialist anthem The Internationale.

That inclusion speaks well to the shadowy nature of T.T.R.W.F.U., as the original writer of music for the anthem also concealed himself to save his job from scrutiny. Wreck His Days comes as a bold statement in a time of shifting political realities, both in the band’s native UK, with the fallout from Brexit and an uncertain future of unification, and here in The States with our own twinge of political upheaval and two very divergent but outspoken populist takes on candidacy. Something like this feels like it nails the anxiety, the hope, the fear and the uncertainty of politics in 2016 (or more precisely the 2015 ramp up to it that surrounded the album’s making). The album ends on a hopeful note of Socialism, The Internationale has a theme that can’t help but resonate through leftist politics of any country, but T.T.R.W.F.U. raises more questions than answers. The album alludes to a new shift in the winds, but only hints that the people will see it through. Though I suppose if you’re looking to music to provide all the answers then you’re maybe expecting a bit too much. Its a grand statement that sharpens focus the further you back away from it.

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