The Myrrors prep Invocaciones : Singles and Strays (2014 – 2016)


It’s kind of amusing to think of Southwest psych conjurers The Myrrors as having ‘singles’ per se, but their latest release boasts to wrap up just such a collection. To be fair the designation here is more along the lines of orphaned tracks that didn’t find themselves on an album proper, eking their way out via splits/lathes/cassettes and digital download along the way. While the band’s albums are dense journeys into darkness, the disconnected nature of these tracks doesn’t make the collection of strays hit any softer. The tracks still all tap into their sweat lodge raga and Popul Vuh meets Ulaan Khol incantations, opening visions peyote soaked enlightenment between the fissures of the tracks. The collection, titled Invocaciones : Singles and Strays (2014 – 2016) finds its way out via a split pressing between Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz, arriving on July 23rd.

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