The Laughing Chimes – “Arboretum Miles”


Quite a lot going on over at Slumberland today with a new single off of the excellent, and highly anticipated new Reds, Pinks and Purples album and two singles from stable standouts The Laughing Chimes and Chime School. The former has been steadily building their sound, having been barely out of grade school when their debut was released. With an EP just barely over the horizon this year, the brothers are back, mining the jangles of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s for inspiration and sounding every bit as earnest as their influences. Both sides of “Arboretum Miles” make a great case for the Midwest band, rounding up a lot of insight from the Sarah contingent — throwing shades of Brighter, The Field Mice, and The Springfields into the mix. The title cut bounds out of the speakers on strums that sound stronger than the band has in the past, a newfound confidence creeping into their work. The flip is no b-side, coming off as infectious as the first, a sparkling example of indie pop that’s in love with the form. Honestly if both of these were snuck onto period appropriate comps, I guarantee I’d get fooled every time.

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