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Wisconsin’s finest, The Hussy, have been holding down the garage gamut in the Midwest for years now and they’ve consistently churned out a string of albums that synthesize sweat into fuzz-crusted hooks. Their latest, Looming, is more fodder for the fans who’ve already made them staples of the listen list, though it should entice any diehard of dinged and damaged garage in 2019. Bobby and Heather expanded their sound a bit on Galore and Looming finds itself a natural sequel to that hook-slinger. The guitars still grind, the drums pop n’ punish, and the vocals whip back and forth between the pair, with Bobby giving his tracks a nasal hammer that’s heavy and hurtin’ while Heather softens the blow (just a touch) with some smolder and soul. Though, she can bring just as much invective to a track as her counterpart to be sure.

The record culls in some new sounds, with flutes tickling the underbelly of “Sorry” but they make their biscuit from the overwhelming abundance of fuzz n’ rumble that they kick up over the course of 27-minutes. The band recently spent a tour opening and acting as backing band for Nobunny, and the experience doesn’t seem to have been lost on them. They channel a good dose of the feelgood recklessness that the Bunny has always captured into their new set, proving that they were perfect choices for the job all along. There’s been a slight shift away from the snotty punk vein with a heart of gold that was long being flayed by Jay Reatard prior to his tragic death and has been constantly caved at by Ty Segall, but The Hussy place themselves in the same school as both of these artists, finding the axis between pop and pummel and making it sound good. If you’re not down with The Hussy, you reconsider some life choices. Looming is a Midwest ripper to the core, and endlessly entertaining on each new listen.

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