The Barreracudas


If anyone’s taken up the true mantle of power pop these days, other than perhaps Warm Soda, its Barreracudas. Their debut hit like a wave of nostalgia for warm summer evenings, drive-ins, fast cars and aimless nights with nothing to do but get in trouble with a soundtrack that’s equally unrestrained. They pick up pretty much exactly where they left off on Nocturnal Missions, still bouncing along on taut springs and firing hooks into your life like swift kicks in the ass. Probably no surprise that there’s crossover membership from fellow Atlantans Gentleman Jesse & His Men among the ranks. They’ve got an equally ardent love of the candied pop of the crest of the ’80s but whereas Jesse usually rolls into buttery smooth territory, Barreracudas tend to reach for the outsized glam influences that took hold on the hangover of the ’70s. They were made for the bright lights glinting off of denim rivets and some platform booted stomping on your heart. This one comes via NYC bastion of punk’s bad impulses, OOPS Baby. Which seems like a perfect home for their brand of delinquent punk shenanigans.

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