Spencer Zahn – “OST”


The upcoming album from composer Spencer Zahn is split into two forms, two halves that find the songs in very different lights. The works on Statues I find Zahn alone with the piano, a commune with the instrument that is rooted in meditative peace. The second collection invites collaboration. With help from BlankFor.ms (Tyler Gilmore), the works invite a wealth of instrumentation and a more propulsive focus, but retain the first installment’s air of meditative ambiance. “OST,” Zahn insists, is a song that feels a kinship with dance and electronic pieces, though it’s far from incorporating any true elements of the genre. Instead the beat is subliminal, pulsing somewhere in the ether as the track floats on woolen sax, piano, vibes, and bass. The interplay between the repeated piano phrase and the embellished instrumentation moves freely between jazz and neo-classical, feeling like a Cole Pulice record recorded for 130701. Both new sets arrive as a double disc outing November 17th from Cascine.

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