Seawind of Battery


A much needed breeze of ambient country wafting in off the air today as the debut from Seawind of Battery hits the speakers. The outfit, an alias of Mike Horn (Goldkey, Sunblinders), embraces the rippled relief of the current wave of country quietude, sliding into f the same sundown yearning as SUSS, Andrew Tuttle, Hayden Pedigo, Barry Walker Jr, and John Jeffrey. The pedal steel steams in the afternoon sun, quenching listeners mired in the yawning expanses of the summer’s unrelenting glare. While quite a few of his peers look to Western expanses, or even Aussie out-lands for inspiration, like fellow city street diviners, SUSS, Seawind of Battery draw from the parched expanses that roll over the tar papered roofs and endless inches of blacktop. The city’s a desert all the same — parking lots and sidewalks stretching for what seems like hundreds of miles, squeezed away from the lap of the rivers’ edge.

Plucks and slides are joined by howls of synth, a slight touch of hiss that steadies the sail and colors the record in hazed hues. Horn’s vision of sauntered sonics is a welcome bump to the compass dial. Is it a re-centering in times adrift or a knock to the needle spent spinning until all sense of direction is lost? The record settles down in the dust to watch the wind kick up patterns in the air. Clockwatching is a loose and limber, a record and a solid debut that puts Horn on the list to watch in the coming years.

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