PG Six / Louise Bock


Feeding Tube sums this one up nicely in calling it an album that no one expected, but perhaps it’s just the kind of mind scrub we need about now. All Summer Long is Gone combines the forces of Pat ‘PG Six” Gubler (Garcia Peoples, Wet Tuna, Weeping Bong Band) and Louise Bock aka Taralie Peterson (Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Dire Wolves). While Pat is a consummate multi-instrumentalist, here he focuses in on harp and synths, creating a nebulous hammock of cosmic tones that Peterson uses to couch her sax and effusive vocals. Stringing a cat’s cradle between ECM jazz float, new age brain massage, and spiked Neo-classical experimentation, the album pushes further into the spectral ether than either of the musicians have in some time.

Peterson’s sax tumbles in gravity-defying circles around the headspace, echoing and overlapping itself. Atop Gubler’s synths, the effect stretches time, blurring the space around the listener into dizzying colors — a wormhole of sound that’s near impossible to fight against. The most striking juxtaposition comes with the harp. While the tangle between sax and keys is fraught, the harp heals any rift with its celestial runs, dousing the deluge each time the instrument finds its way into the mix. The whole album has a sort of embryonic pulse to it. Blind chaos and sensory deprivation stasis throb around the listener with an imagined muffled heartbeat humming somewhere beneath the floorboards. While no one expected this team up, it’s clear that the energy in the Six/Bock collaboration was a necessary element to help balance something in the cosmos. The album is out now on Tape, with an LP forming somewhere in the winds next year.

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