Ornament – “It Must Be The Season”


Ran across Nashville’s Ornament when the band was just working out photos through Nashville scene photographer Emily Quirk. Her coverage usually spans some great up and comers that roll through the town. I was sad at the time that they hadn’t really had much recorded output clanging around but now it seems that the band is releasing their debut single, “It Must Be The Season” b/w “Family Happiness.” The double shot positions the trio on the edge of indie/precipice of country in a wide-skied ’70s fashion that’s been bleeding more and more into the preferred fashion of late. Tip in bit of psych smoldering at the edges and I’m pretty much sold.

The A side has a loping ramble that works chiming guitars to great effect before sliding through a twanging solo that’s pure amber tones grafted to AM haze. The track’s a strong starter that’s putting them in league with EZTV or Ultimate Painting. The flip takes things to an even lusher locale with the sunset hues creeping high in the sky and a swell of strings making this feel much larger than their humble roots would suggest. Definitely a band to keep tabs on and a solid single top to bottom.

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