One Eleven Heavy – “Open Up The Watergate”


The past year has seen the constant pushing of dates and with One Eleven Heavy that meant pushing not only a tour, but also the recording of a third album. Its been a hard drought over here without a new 111 burner on the speakers, though Nick helped heal the gap with a solo LP of songs that might have made it to the third LP in another life. Now the band digs back to their roots with a track that brought them together in the first place. One of the earliest discussions of the band included working on a version of this Jansch tune (one of my favorites) though it never made it to the first record. The band digs in and opens up the highlight from L.A. Turnaround, making it at once looser and more fluid than the original version. There’s even a video of the band laying it down if you’ve missed their faces in the absence of touring. The cavalcade of Bandcamp Friday offerings is always deep, but this one should be top of the list.

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