Nolan Potter – “Gregorian Chance”


Following up on his 2019 LP for Castle Face, Nolan Potter (Knife Ritual, Lake of Fire) returns with a slinked-out piece of baroque psychedelia that feels like the offspring of Nightmare Forever. With a cosmic swirl of keys and a lush bed of flute, this one encompasses the sleek Library-soul slide of recent works by Maston and the psych-funk fondle of Badge Époque Ensemble. The song’s doused in a steam-room chic that dampens the velour touch a bit but never makes it seem any less lush. Its the kind of song that begs to be laid back into, eyes closed to let it wash over you. For his part, Potter sounds just as relaxed as the rest of us — thoroughly blissed and enjoying his own cloud of calm. The new EP, Music is Dead is out September 24th, again from Castle Face.

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