Nick Millevoi – “Moon Pulses 5”


Perennial favorites Island House are always digging through the best psych, synth, and jazz before anyone else has gotten to ‘em. They continue the streak this week with the announcement of a new record from Nick Millevoi, who moves away from some of his more collaborative work for a monastic focus that finds him creating a complex album from solo guitar and lap steel. Now, before you already glaze and say that sounds like a familiar formula, Millevoi turns the soli setup into something more meditative — think more Eno and Fripp and less Kotchke. The album’s best digested a whole, but dive into the deep end with a few tracks available now to stream. The album buzzes, pulses, circles the cosmic vortex and then plummets back to the Earthen firma, snagging a bit of fuzz along the way. The new album, Moon Pulses, Is out April 22nd from Island House.

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