New Parents – “Well”


Something heady’s been happening in central Mass of late and it’s brought a lot of new favorites to the fold, but this time an old traveler treads through the halls of Raven. New Parents is the brainchild of former Sore Eros member Adam Langelotti and his new endeavor springboards off of his former band’s warbled psych for a more pristine approach that ropes warm violin strings to a bed of sunset ripples and bittersweet plucks of guitar. Langelotti invites collaboration, as the familial leanings of the band’s name might imply, and the album boasts musical drop-ins from Shannon and Beverly Ketch, Ma Turner and on the sunshine-psych sigh of “Well,” Gary War stops by for some warbly reverse vox that give the whole song a heatstroke fevered haze. The band is reported to push these songs out further to the edges on stage, but the velvet pop numbers that are finding their way to record have their own hearth glow that can be felt through the phones. The record lands on Feeding Tube next month.

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