Mixtape: Night Creatures – Post-punk for a New Age


Last year I worked up a mix that explored a new wave of jangle-pop, heirs to the ‘80s indie crown and while I was sifting through I kept coming on excellent tracks that weren’t imbued with the same spirit but had a tangental hunger for an older generation. Post-punk is one of those shitty terms — too broad, too nebulous, and in these times too often slapped onto a third generation Joy Division clone. I again wanted to emulate the feeling of classic comps from the past, but instead of Take The Subway To The Suburbs, this time we’re talking Four Stars (****), A Factory Video, or Nipped In The Bud. While the insistence of a rubber bass is appealing, the kind of bands that embody the spirit of post-punk for me tend to favor space, a dry-ice aura in the air. Check the mix below wrapping up 20 of today’s essential cultivators of discomfiting darkness.


Nightshift – Outta Space
J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Do You Like What I’m Saying?
Smoke Bellow – Fuck On
Native Cats – One Thousand Points of Light
Naked Roommate – Repeat
Terry – Don’t Say Sorry
Hierophants – Carbon Copy
School Damage – Psychick Damage
The Green Child – Dreamcom
Opposite Sex – Oh Ivy
The World – Some Like It Hot
Vital Idles – Break A
Lithics – Hands
The Cool Greenhouse – Cardboard Man
The Snakes – Snakes Bday
Tim & The Boys – No Can Do
Chronophage – Any Junkyard Dreams
Handle – Step By Step
Wireheads – Good Grief, Big Chief
Taiwan Housing Project – Authentic Alien Perfume

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