Meatbodies – “Creature Feature”


Good to hear Meatbodies jumping back in the saddle for a new LP as 2017 crests over the horizon. The first taste of Alice is a cleaner fit for the band than their eponymous 2014 LP, baking off a bit of the fuzz for a poppier sound. That’s not to say that they’ve completely shucked the garage ethos though, the track is still rooted in a frantic groove and knotted with plenty of guitar bursts that melt away the top layer of epidermis. Underneath its much more structured than their slash and bop past, knocking out some piano jams and glamming up the sound to a full 10 foot tall wall of crunch that seems to fit them well. Apparently “Creature Feature” fits into an overall loose concept in the album, but high-minded or no, its simply a sugar shock blast of fun on its own. Can’t wait for the rest.

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