Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice


There’s a muffled comfort about To Live & Die In Space & Time, the new album from Lynn Avery and Cole Pulice. The Moon Glyph alums (Cole solo and Lynn with Iceblink) make for a welcome pairing, finding their way through the ether with synth and sax, piano and an icing of electronic processing. Cole’s sax comes peeking through the haze, a kind of morning fog that wraps around the record, giving it a kind of groggy bliss that’s warm on a winter’s day. Some records just feel like calm, but here the meditative clarity that often halos around this kind of record is supplanted by a welcomed slackness — a cocoon of ease. It’s less mindful, but no less glorious, like a morning spent in bed without a thing to do, sunlight streaming through the window.

While that glow, that ineffable grace and sublime peace is at the record’s core, I’d be careful not to give to much credit to the vibe alone here. Avery and Pulice are accomplished in their playing and they build patient pieces that allow the listener to move around within their flanneled confines and stretch out. That kind of freedom isn’t always allowed in a recording, but somehow the duo makes the listener feel not only welcome and at ease, but also completely in control of the journey. Lodged somewhere between ambient, jazz, and minimal vapors, To Live & Die In Space & Time creates a pocket universe that you never want to leave.

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