Julianna Riolino – “Lone Ranger”

Daniel Romano’s Outfit has made a number of mentions here over the past few years, with albums coming faster than anyone can bear to keep up. The last album was bolstered by some great vocal contributions from singer Julianna Riolino, as most prominently evidenced by their excellent single, “The Motions.” Now, the band swaps from backing Roamano to backing Julianna for her debut and the first single finds Riolino in full soul-soaked R&B rock and its excellent to see her name above the fold. “Lone Ranger’ is packed with horns, barroom piano, and girl-group backing vocals, but its Riolino’s big-hearted voice that makes the track so enticing. Anything Outfit-adjacent is worth dipping into, but this looks like the band hitting some of their best strides and a deserted spotlight on Julianna. The new album, All Blue, is out October 14th from You’ve Changed Records. Also, lovin’ the nod to Heart Food in the album design.

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