Joseph Allred – “The Flood (feat. Anthony Ford & Patrick Shiroishi)”


Following a few years of prolific release, Joseph Allred slips into 2023 with a new release already in hand. Joseph’s set was one of the highlights of Deep in the Valley this year and they bring their captivating magic to Feeding Tube once again. This time Allred enters with friends in tow for a collaborative record that finds fellow RSTB faves Magic Tuber Stringband, Powers/Rolin Duo, Anthony Ford, and Patrick Shiroishi along for the ride. Many of the pieces on the record balance dissonance with peace, but “The Flood” acts as an outlier, embracing the darkness that peers around the corners of What Strange Flowers Grow In The Shade. The piece is also a notable outlier in Allred’s oeuvre adding Ford’s patter of percussion and the lonesome howl of Shiroishi’s sax to his own bass clarinet. Where often the hypnotic lure lies in Allred’s voice or their flurry of strings, here the trio’s parched desperation acts as an all-consuming vortex. The new album is out March 3rd from Feeding Tube.

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