Until now Herbcraft has floated in a bubble of serenity and drone float that was fitting of album titles that contained the words “ashram” and “astral.” They traded heady, nod-out jams like currency to a meditative student body, but on Wot Oz they’ve broken through the veil of astral float and plummeted headlong into psych churn like the rest of their catalog was just preamble for the oncoming storm of fuzz guitar and wah-shred to come. And it looks damn good on them. The opener “We’re Gonna Make It” lets on lightly, still tapping that well of ethereal smokescreen but by the time they hit “Fit Ür-Head” they’re running full bore into the torrent and letting the vibe lead the way. The record was born out of a taped warm-up session and its highly informed by an element of unrehearsed looseness but seemingly driven by hands that know just where to tread to divine the tortured pleas of the gods. The band has always been assembled of psychedelic travelers, but they’ve never quite hit the vein like this. Definitely their best look.


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