Ezra Feinberg & John Kolodij – “Castle & Sand” / “Beyond The Fragile”


It’s already been a great year for Ezra Feinberg, with the release of his LP Recumbent Speech, but it seems he’s not done yet. Today Feinberg announces the release of a new split with John Kolodij (High Aura’d). Ezra offers up a rain-soaked vision on “Castle & Sand” which finds them trading isolated, patient riffs with a rippling piano part that doesn’t sound too far away from the environments on Ezra’s last LP. The song stings the air with a quiet desperation that’s a not an unwelcome accompaniment to life lived in solitude. Drones thread the entire LP, and elsewhere the guitars slide away completely. Shimmering tones float under woodwinds that dodge around the listening space while on the flip Kolodij pushes the drones past subliminal and into rising water panic. Feinberg and Kolodij have tended towards headphone records in the past, but this one is primed for listening in a personal bubble. They balance darkness with light in equal measures, creating a record that’s part new beginning, part tidal breath. The LP is out August 28th on Whited Sepulchre.

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