Crocodiles – “Upside Down In Heaven”


It’s been a little while since Crocodiles cropped up here, but the band’s been keeping the fires lit on gaze-gilded garage and psych-pop for years. The title track to their upcoming LP for Lollipop, “Upside Down In Heaven,” gets the video treatment from their friend and often-time visual collaborator Sam Macon. Macon has helmed key videos from their albums Endless Flowers and Sleep Forever, and it feels like old times with him back behind the video vision. Despite a transatlantic gap between them, the band’s Brandon Welchez notes, “I had a loose idea of what I wanted. The challenge was that I’m in LA and Charlie is in Paris, so we needed to figure out a clever idea we could shoot without being in the same place. Sam helped us polish the idea and directed me in person in LA and Charlie over zoom. With some green screens and clever editing we got what we needed!”

The song slings fuzz with the best of them, letting the amplifier growl push their hooks along like a stiff breeze. In fine Croc fashion, the band lets the chorus build until it spills over the top, fizzing in glorious pop relief. The band’s always been hand with an anthemic crush and “Upside Down In Heaven” adds another windows down sunshine cruiser to their catalog. The new album is out this Friday, April 7th.

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