Brisbane’s Clever aren’t pulling any punches on their debut for Homeless. Kewdi Udi is a brutal and battered serving of noise rock that knocks itself all over the back lot in the dead of night. The riffs come quick and crusted, double time and barely stopping to wonder if you’re keeping up. There might be some hooks buried in there, but something tells me that Clever aren’t interested if your head is bobbing so much as they’re hoping that its slamming directly into an object with equal and opposite force. The din grows thicker as the tracks go on, building up concrete dust and bile in the back of the throat. Eight tracks – in, out, bleed, done. Its as simple as that. The band doesn’t go for any fancy aesthetics or play up trends. The guitars cut like a garrote, the drums pound like a panic attack and the vocals tear at the mind. There’s nothing soothing, no respite and no reason for either. Kewdi Udi is a pummel that beats the listener into the shape they need. Its a fight to the end.

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