CB Radio Gorgeous – “Decline”


Chicago’s explosive punks CB Radio Gorgeous knocked out a sweat-soaked cassette on Not Normal a couple of years back and they follow it with a four-shot EP that packs everything that clicks about the band into a short shaker that never lets up. The EP was produced with inspiration from Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs, Redd Kross, Black Flag, The Avengers and The Weirdos), seeking to jolt us all back to consciousness again with a West Coast punk breeze. The full EP is breathless and battered, but never ragged but “Decline” in particular puts the bands strengths at the forefront, blending their speed with their heat-sinked hooks. The band’s plucked from the ranks of CCTV, Forced into Femininity, and Negative Scanner but they seem bound to scratch out their own inch with more nods to the Mabuhay Gardens set and Northwest punk belters than their own native streets of Chicago. Get this on the list now and get the volume adjusted to scorch.

Support the artist. Buy it EP by CB Radio Gorgeous“>HERE.

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