Causa Sui


There’s probably no better cornerstone of the El Paraiso catalog than Causa Sui. The band, which holds both label heads, Jakob Skøtt and Jonas Munk in its ranks has lived parallel to the label even as they’ve carved out their own stable of European psychedelic sorcerers. The band has dabbled between the poles of crushing heaviness and heady interwoven jam territory, but they’ve rarely not kept both elements in play within a release. So, its with some intrigue that Szabodelico leans away from the crushing blows and explores solely their cosmic side for a change. And who can blame them? To exist in thunder endlessly has to be tiring, and there’s no time like the present to let the tributary influences begin to come together into a record that’s patient, yet loose, weaving experimentation into a seamless vision of psychedelic intrigue.

While the band might not sear the skin like Sun City Girls, there’s a feeling that Richard Bishop’s latter day exploits may seep into the shadows here. With touches of flute trilling through the knotted guitar interplay and rhythmic slink, the record isn’t soaked in creosote, but it is weaving through packed alleys with a curious ear. The record was born out of improv sessions from the last year and cut together to feel like a cohesive tumble through twilight psychedelics and the shift works under any banner, whether its an heir to what Causa Sui have laid down prior or not. This year has seen its share of cosmic weavers and this adds nicely to a landscape of guitar float that should appeal to heads already locked onto Chris Forsyth, Garcias, and Dire Wolves, in addition to El Paraiso die hards who’ll no doubt find it absorbing the label’s more recent dives into jazz flow and less heavy sounds. Long live the Sui, and let this one linger on the turntable while this year burns down to the wick.

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