Blod – “Arbejdet MåsteFlyde På”

A spare and mossy folk cut heralds a new solo album from Blod, aka Gustaf Dicksson (Enhet För Fri Musik, Oroskällan). The Swedish songwriter has become integral to the Swedish underground, eking out psychedelic swaths and noise-drenched acoustics, but this time the sound hews a bit more traditional. With a ceremonial pound of drums, the high birdsong of flute alongside mournful, wary vocals (both from Astrid Øster Mortensen), the song feels caked in mud and pain. It stops just short of renaissance folk, though there’s a feeling of grey-skied dreariness and the damp prevalence of the forest stretching endlessly through the song’s defiant pound. Dicksson has released solo Blod recordings on a handful of Swedish labels, but this marks the first time that his works come Stateside with a co-release on Grapefruit. Missväxt is out this month on from the vaunted Omaha label.

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