Birds of Maya – “BFIOU?”

Well this is an unexpected surprise. Seems that Birds of Maya laid down an album in 2014 at Black Dirt Studios and it has been stayed tucked until time was right to peel a bit of paint of of 2021. The band, which features members of Purling Hiss, Spacin’ and Watery Love was a staple of early aughts burndown, letting loose necessary fuzz chunks on Richie and Holy Mountain before Purling Hiss came to dominate Mike Polizze’s output. This peek back into the fallout fury of the band’s prime comes second only to the resurgence of Magik Markers on a list of revivals I couldn’t have predicted but am damn glad to see come to fruition. “BFIOU?” comes on with a creosote crunch, a charred guitar ripper that feels like its burning up on reentry and might not make it to the ground. The band packs more fury into two and a half minutes that should probably legally be allowed before skidding to a stop and leaving the decimated carnage behind them. This is how to get a Tuesday jumpstarted. The new record is out June 25th from Drag City.

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