Beach Skulls – “Santa Fe”


Ok so appending the Beach qualifier to your band name is officially past its prime, to the point that its just getting silly and for lack of a better word, distracting. There have to be some good band names out there, right? That aside, I’m not one to toss a track just because the band name grates me like no other. UK trio Beach Skulls have definitely been mainlining a heavy dose of Velvets here, but a bit of this track’s charm is that it feels like the band could give two fucks if you think they sound derivative. In fact this track seems so completely relaxed its hard to believe their singer could have been completely upright when he turned in this performance. “Santa Fe” is a prime slice of smoke ringed garage pop that feels like the last song that should play before you shuffle off home, harboring the kind of buzz that will stick with you the whole train ride home and sack you out peacefully once you reach it.

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