Badge Epoch – “Consensus Reality”


A slight tributary off of the consistently excellent Canadian psych-funk collective Badge Époque Ensemble, the band’s Max Turnbull revisits a project that spans years of collecting sounds and sources to create an album that he describes as embracing “a cosmic hodge podge of funk, jazz, ambient techno, aggressive guitarmonized rawk, musique concrète, and hip hop.” The flute-laced body buzz of “Consensus Reality” does’t fall too far from the works of the Ensemble, but there’s a harder edge to the tumble of rhythm that bubbles beneath the squelch of guitar and heat-warped fizz of keys. The flutes blur over the polyrhtymic purr of hand drums until the listener is lurched into a headspun delirium that’s holds on hard. The full record works these sounds into sidelong collage pieces with artist Andrew Zukerman. Can’t wait to hear the full heft when it arrives in August from Telephone Explosion Records.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (US) or HERE (CA).

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